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Crain Cutter Co.

Crain 445 Knee Kicker

This classic kicker has a recessed trigger for length adjustment in five settings from 17¾" to 21¾". The visual pin depth... more info

Crain 152B 4" Cushion Stair Tool

Stair tools are used with a mallet to tuck carpet into the corner of stair treads, as well as to tuck carpet at the wall between the base board and... more info

Crain 197 "Comfort Knees" Knee Pads

Made especially for carpet installation, these pads provide protection for both kneeling and knee kicking, so they stay on at all times. The extra... more info

Crain 217 Hook Handle Razor Knife

This slotted razor blade carpet knife has multiple added contours for improved grip. The wide contoured mid-section transitions to a narrow rear hook... more info

Crain 505 Knee Kicker

The telescoping steel tube construction of the No. 505 makes it one of the most durable knee kickers available. The double buttons provide four... more info

Crain 563 7" Tapping Block

This plastic block for tapping and moving planks transmits force from a hammer or mallet in a manner that protects the edges of the plank. The block... more info

Crain 625 Power Tacker Staple Gun

The Power Tacker has a long, slender nose that more easily parts yarns to penetrate down to the carpet's backing. The short overall height,... more info

Crain 950 Professional Installers Tool Kit

This kit provides the basic tools of carpet installation, at a price that saves money. The kit includes: No. 024 Rolling 24" Tool Box, No. 505... more info