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Seam Rollers

Better Tools BT400 Dual Seam Tractor

Better Tools BT400 Dual Seam Tractor Star Side for Cold Seams and Plush Carpet Smooth Side for Hot-Melt Seams 2 Sided Palm Plate with... more info

Better Tools BT460 Smooth Carpet Seam Roller

These Carpet Seaming Rollers apply pressure to carpet backing to help ensure a good bond with the hot melt adhesive. Smooth, black nylon rollers are... more info

Crain No. 180 Seam Squeezers

Crain No. 180 Seam Squeezers These seam squeezers are made with a powerful torsion spring and two grippers that are oriented inwardly to pull seams... more info

Crain No. 435 4" Flex Axle Seam Roller

Crain No. 435 Flex Axle Seam Roller The flex axle roller is made with two pivoting axles. Mounted on each axle are seven steel star rollers (14... more info

Crain No. 436 4" Straight Axle Seam Roller

Crain No. 436 Straight Axle Seam Roller This roller has a solid axle with ten steel star rollers. The star wheels press the carpet's backing into... more info

Crain No. 437 5 5/8" Bigfoot Roller

Crain No. 437 5 5/8" Big Foot Seam Roller The bigfoot roller is made with three wide ribbed roller sections. The wide surface area on the ribbed... more info

Crain No. 438 6" Pro Roller

Crain No. 438 6" Pro Seam Roller The solid axle of the Pro Roller spans six inches wide and has 18 steel star wheel rollers. It ensures adequate... more info

Crain No. 476 Carpet Tractor

Crain No. 476 Carpet Seam Tractor The carpet tractor has three 2 ½" wide rows of star wheels mounted on a durable steel body with a wide,... more info

Gundlach 612-SW Seam Weight

Gundlach 612-SW Seam Weight The Seam Weight has a perforated white plastic base with an air space between the base and steel weight to allow... more info

Gundlach No. 1362 4-1/2" Flex Action Seam Roller

Gundlach No. 1362 4-1/2" Flex Action Seam Roller Has two independent star wheel roller sets that pivot to draw and blend carpet yarns... more info